The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary provides loving care to neglected and homeless farm animals,
placing those who are adoptable in forever homes.

BSAS was founded by Alesja and Alex Daehnrich, whose compassion for animals
compelled them to sell their urban home and move to the country where they could create
a safe haven for farm animals in need.

At Blind Spot, we rescue, rehabilitate and care for who have been surrendered, abandoned or exploited.
We focus on those animals that are often overlooked due to species, age, appearance or disability. And we work to educate others and spread the seeds of compassion and kindness toward animals.
Each animal at the sanctuary has its own story. Each animal is cherished and loved. Follow the Adventures of ​Kevin and his friends​ and read all about the day-to-day fun at​ Blind Spot Animals Facebook Page  .

Learn more about adopting a rescue farm animal here
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Board of Directors:

​Alesja Daehnrich - Founder and Executive Director
Laureen Bartfield
Cecilia Stephens
Kim Donica
Katie Keller
Alex Daehnrich
Sue King -

Adoption Coordinator

​Beverley Winfield