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Pot Bellied Pig

A little innocent and gentle survivor whose story shocked us and made many people uncomfortable started to realize that not all humans are monsters. We had a few pieces of vegan cake left & volunteers wanted to share the cake with our porcine kids, specifically with Ms Wiggly!

This gentle baby girl is now living a totally different life and we are trying our best to show her a different kind of world – a world that is compassionate, kind and loving. Ms Wiggly’s story was so brutal that it traumatized us but also made many feel uncomfortable. Ms Wiggly and her sister who is no longer with us, were likely rehomed just like countless other pet pigs. Shockingly, both pets were rehomed and given to the wrong people. They brutally murdered her sister affront of her eyes and cooked her for a birthday party posting disturbing photos of a killed pet pig. They attempted to kill Ms Wiggly too and managed to cut her throat, but she luckily got away and has been living in fear and injured for quite some time. A kind grandma who had little to survive herself, took her under her wing and shared her meals with her for weeks cutting her food to only eating once a day. She reached out for help, and we rushed to help her and this innocent little girl.

The grandma was so excited Ms. Wiggly was caught and taken to BSAS where she is now living a life she could only dream of. The grandma also received help thanks to many kind volunteers, followers and supporters. She said she prayed for this kind of help, and she finally received it! Thank you all for making it happen.

A lot has been happening in Ms Wiggly’s life too. We’ve been getting to know her, and she is an extremely sweet and gentle soul.

The most important part for Ms Wiggly was to be with porcine friends again and so she joined Freddie and Nathalie. She also started to discover BSAS and observe many creatures that call BSAS home.

Some of you asked whether she’d ever be available for adoption. We would LOVE to find her an incredible home that will love, spoil, and cherish her forever. She can only go to a home that has a pig already or would be prepared to adopt her along with another porcine friend!

Video: https://fb.watch/iS32Fd-X-B/?mibextid=qC1gEa

Fill out an adoption app today to welcome this survivor in your heart, family & home??



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