Adopt from Blind Spot

Are you considering adopting a farm animal?
  1. Meet the Animals
    Schedule a visit to Blind Spot and see first-hand what it’s like to care for potbelly pigs, horses and birds. Visit and meet the animal in person at the sanctuary.
  2. do your Research
    We love sharing information and our experience with you!
  3. Rescue & Adoption
    Many of the animals at Blind Spot are permanent residents, but occasionally we have animals available for adoption. When it comes to adoptions, placing animals in appropriate, loving, and permanent homes is our primary goal. Each animal has a distinct personality; each has distinct needs. It’s important that the animal and adopter are a good match.
  4. moving forward
    Submit an application and veterinary references. (If you haven’t had animals before, we accept personal references.) Allow us or one of our volunteers to do a home/barn check. (This is not intended as an invasion of privacy, rather to ensure the animal will be in a safe and appropriate environment.) Provide the animal with secure indoor and outdoor areas, even if the animal will be allowed inside the house.
  5. be responsible
    If the home has a dog(s), the adopter must agree to keep the adoptive farm animal and dog(s) separated at all times unless supervised. Adopters’ property must be legally zoned for farm animals. ·         Adopt more than one pig. Potbelly pigs are highly social herd animals and can become aggressive or depressed without other pigs.
  6. Population control
    ·         All animals at Blind Spot are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior