Animals Available for

  1. Betty
    Betty is believed to be the mom. Betty and her best friend Blue Ivy came to us extremely malnourished and overbred. They were absolutely afraid of humans but are now slowly coming around and even come close to get a treat. Betty was skin and bones when first rescued but she looks much better today. She is the braver of the two and you can even touch her even if its just very quick. Pigs like Betty are very special to us. They need a little longer to recover and trust humans again but its worth putting in the time to help them as these girls deserve to learn a loving touch.
  2. Milka (Black & White)
  3. Norbert (Norbi)
  4. Wilson (aka Dad)
    Wilson is believed to be the dad. He is about a year old, due to malnourishment and poor care he is not much bigger than his sons. The hoarding/neglect situation he was rescued from stunted his growth. But Wilson started to thrive since his rescue and is doing very well. In the beginning Wilson was afraid of people but with time he started to become such a sweet and trusting soul. We just adore this sweet boy! He loves attention, his hair stands up before you even touch him as he just cannot wait for a belly rub or massage. It has been very heartwarming to watch this sweet soul to trust humans again!
  5. Curly
    Curly might be the smallest one in the litter but he has the biggest personality. He is the first one to try new things and he is first in line for cuddles. Curly just melts when you rub his belly and sometimes even gets on your lap if you sit on the ground. Curly is absolutely precious and loves to snooze in the sun. Curly recently discovered a chair that the piglets have in their area and quickly realized that he can get up and sleep just like humans do.
  6. Moe
    Moe might be the biggest of his brothers but he is such a gentle and sweet soul. Moe adores people and loves when someone takes time to sit with him and rub his belly. Moe is absolutely stunning and such social piglet.
  7. Larry
    Larry was in the worse shape when first rescued. He had a sever case of mange and had many infected wounds. But with proper vet care and good nutrition this ugly duckling is turning into the most adorable and sweetest pig. Larry is a calm guy who discovered belly rubs and now loves to be massaged and scratched. Larry has a special place in our hearts as he was so very sick and it has been incredibly heartwarming to watch him recover and thrive.
  8. Sam
    Sam joined the litter a bit later as he was surrendered to the shelter a week later. Sam too was in a poor shape all alone in a scary shelter, therefore we knew we had to rush to get him. Sam was the shyest one of the bunch but by watching his brothers he quickly realized we were there to help and so he started to thrive. Sam now loves attention but since all brothers have very different personalities, Sam is the more observant one. He tends to watch his brothers first and then discovers all the new things. Sam is such a sweetie who deserves nothing but the best in life.
  9. Blue Ivy
    Blue is one of the most adorable pigs we've seen. Blue has one blue and one brown eye and she has the most adorable two teeth that stick out. Blue is slowly realizing that humans can be nice. Blue is the more submissive of the two girls. She is always second in line but we are making sure she gets just as much love and attention. Blue may be still shy around humans but we hope with time she too will realize that she is now safe and there is nothing to worry about. We hope someone very patient and loving adopts both girls together. They spent their whole lives together and went through a lot of misery together. We are hoping they get to experience a great forever home together as well!
  10. Peaches babies
    We've got new residents, up for adoption
  11. Josephine (Josie blk)