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My name is Jerri. I’m a retired nurse, I visited  BSAS in July with my husband and his nurse.  It was a place we had never experienced before.   We met with Alesja and listened to her as we walked through the Sanctuary learning about the many many animals they have rescued, saved, healed, love, feed, care for daily needs, protect, play with, sing to, brush, rub.  I had never been around farm animals before.  I knew I had to be a part of this.  My husband has ALS and is unable to help, but loves coming for visits with his “friends”.  From the 1st day I came to a volunteer….. I was made to feel at home.   The volunteers teach me every day.  I have learned about care, cleaning, feeding and why these animals are here.   I come 2 days a week and more if I can.  I want to make a difference in the lives of these animals and I want to learn more so I can tell others about why BSAS is here.


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Being apart of something that I know makes a difference! I want to share my experience and encourage others to see the amazing work that BSAS does.


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Meet the amazing people that provides a safe and healing environment to these animals. You can get to know some of our permanent animal friends!

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Dr Laureen Bartfield

Dr. Laureen Bartfield is very passionate about pet overpopulation.

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Susan King

Susan King is a certified bookkeeper and animal energy worker.

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