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I’m Nicole. I started volunteering at the Sanctuary in January 2019 during the government shutdown. I continue to volunteer on my days off and on weekends. I find such personal fulfillment in caring for the animals and ensuring they have clean stalls and enclosures, creating specialized menus of interesting fruits and veggies for meal time, and working to socialize the animals so they enjoy individualized love and affection. I also have found an incredible family in the humans at the Sanctuary, and am so thankful for their friendships.


Fun Facts

Have you adopted any animals?

I personally adopted three incredible potbelly pigs - Benjamin, Annie, and Stephanie - from Blind Spot in March 2019 and they bring me such happiness and joy! I’m also Momma to a rescue dog named Brody and a formerly feral cat named Mona.

What do you do for fun?

When I’m not working, volunteering at the Sanctuary, or caring for my animals, I enjoy gardening, football, and entertaining.


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Dr Laureen Bartfield

Dr. Laureen Bartfield is very passionate about pet overpopulation.

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Susan King is a certified bookkeeper and animal energy worker.

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