Frequently Asked

How can we help you?

See below for our most common questions. If you would like more information please send us a message through our contact page.


What size do they grow to be?

Your pigs will likely be about 100 – 150 pounds when full grown, and may live 15-20+ years. You must have a long term plan to care for them.

I understand these animals came from a cruel environment. If I adopt, are they at risk to be violent?

No. We rarely see aggressive behavior in our rescued residents. BSAS only adopts out sweet, social and healthy animals.

What other animals do you have available for adoption?

We often have goats and other animals available for adoption, please check out all adoptable animals here.

Why do we need to adopt pigs in twos?

Pigs are highly social and intelligent herd animals, while they will enjoy your company, what they need most is another pig to communicate and have a meaningful relationship with. One of the reasons why pig owners give up their pigs is because their single-pig family member has become depressed and aggressive. There are exceptions, of course, however the majority of pigs don’t. We have learned that a human can never replace a fellow pig friend.

How do I apply for adoption?

Opening your home for adoption is a wonderful and rewarding commitment. You can read more about the requirements about adoption here and you can fill out an application here.

Educational Tour

Can I bring my dog?

No. For safety reasons, we do not allow any personal pets at the Sanctuary.

Will we have a guide?

Yes, you will have a well-informed guide take you around the Sanctuary and tell you about the animals, the Sanctuary and anything else you would like to know.

Will I be able to feed the animals?

No as many of our animals are on special diets which need to be monitored carefully. Guests are welcome to bring produce to donate which is much appreciated, but will not be able to feed it to residents themselves.

During the tour can we touch the animals?

While we never force our animals to interact with visitors if they don’t want to, many of our residents are very social and enjoy the extra attention. You are most welcome to meet and pet the animals under our supervision.

Will the tour still take place even if the weather changes and we have rain/snow?

If its raining or snowing, please reach out to reschedule.

Can I be late for the tour?

No. The gates will close shortly after the tour starts. Please reschedule if you are running late.

How long is the tour/what are the hours?

Depending on the size of the group, the tour can last anywhere between 2-3 hours. Our tours start at 2pm.

What is the cost of the tour?

Our educational tours are free. Donations are however always welcome.

When can I book a tour?

Tours take place on Saturdays. Since we want to give all our guests an interactive experience we do limit the groups we take around. You can book online here.


How can I apply?

We invite you to read more on being a Foster parent here and there you can fill out the form to apply to be a foster parent.

What if I want to adopt my foster pet?

That is certainly an option! You can go through the application process for adoption.

How long is the commitment?

For short-term fosters it is roughly 2-6 months. For long term we ask that you care for the animal until we can find him/her a loving home.

What is a Foster Home?

A foster home is a temporary home where a homeless pet can stay until they are old enough, and/or healthy enough for spay/neuter surgery, or there is room for them at the BSA Sanctuary.


How old do you have to be to volunteer?

You must be at least 16 years of age.

What time commitment is expected for volunteering?

Our volunteers spend at least 2-3 hours volunteering at the Sanctuary. One can volunteer every weekend, on week days or occasional weekends.

What do you do as a volunteer?

Typical volunteer activities include animal care, grooming, socializing, mucking the barn or the coop, raking, filling up water bowls, cleaning baby pools, and pasture cleaning.

I’m interested in volunteering. How can I help?

Our sanctuary is growing and with that there are many ways to help. From volunteering onsite to being a social media ambassador, you can do your part to keep BSAS up and running. For more information please visit our Volunteer page here.