Hey! My name is Kevin & I'm an open spirit :-)

Our lives changed forever when Kevin arrived at the sanctuary in February 2016.

He was our first pig. At just 14 pounds, he immediately ruled the farm. His intelligence amazed us and he kept us on our toes. 

Even with a disability - he has only one eye, a crooked jaw and is deaf in one ear as the result of an injury when he was very young - Kevin quickly taught us we had to pig proof the house and property!
We found Kevin on Craigslist, where so many unwanted pot-bellied pigs end-up, due to his disability this little guy stood out to us
and we knew we wanted to help him..
His first family had purchased him as a piglet from a backyard breeder where he and his piglet-siblings were living in filthy conditions – a small dog house in the middle of a horse pasture. As is common, the breeder misled the adopting family, assuring them that Kevin would get no bigger than 40 pounds. In truth, mature pot-bellied pigs often grow to 100-200 pounds in size. In addition, breeders often downplay the challenges of raising a pig. Pot-bellied pigs have natural behaviors, like rooting, that are challenging in a home environment. If they’re raised with no other pigs, they can become lonely, depressed or even aggressive. And veterinary care costs are high. Kevin’s first family was not prepared to give the level of care and attention a growing pig requires.

Kevin is a true character who has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives and to everyone who follows his adventures. Pot-bellied pigs are very misunderstood creatures. And too many end-up homeless, injured or even euthanized because of unscrupulous breeders who mislead buyers. Here at Blind Spot, we are dedicated to giving pigs a chance to have a happy life where they are loved and cared-for. We think Kevin would vouch for that!

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