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Peggy Sue

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Mama Eve and daughter Peggy Sue are two precious mini donkeys that came to BSAS as a neglect case. Both were starved and extremely neglected. Their hooves were so overgrown that they couldn’t walk. Years of neglect left mama Eve with life long health problems that require continued veterinary care, special diet and environment. Daughter Peggy Sue is absolutely thriving and loves nothing more than to distract volunteers asking for attention. If she could, she would be a lap donkey! We are so glad to have saved these precious souls as they are now thriving and truly enjoying life! Eve left us when it was her time so now Peggy Sue spends her days with Dulce and Bruno.


Fun Facts

Peggy Sue, What is your favourite past-time?

I love when the volunteers come by and visit, the Sanctuary is full of animals and it's always nice to see a new face.

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