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Thor is one of the most heartbreaking neglect cases we have ever seen. Thor and his buddy Shrek spent their whole lives being guardians for a local farm. They have never been cared for and only used either to guard or breed. Thor was dying when BSAS was alerted to his plight. He was down and couldn’t get up, he was weak, starved and injured. He was rushed to BSAS and after many vet appointments and lots of care, he started to perk up. Thor is 25 years old and is now for the first time in his life experiencing love and care. For the first time in his life he has a roof over his head, lots of attention, veterinary care and proper nutrition. He still has a long way to go. We are so glad to have helped him and his buddy Shrek! We are only sad that it took them so long to find their way to us and experience care.


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How are you feeling these days Thor?

Everyday I feel stronger and I feel safe at the Sanctuary! When you book a tour please come by and see me too!

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