Surrendering An Animal

Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary (BSAS) does not admit owner surrenders for a number of reasons:

  1. BSAS is an all-volunteer organization and does not have the land or funds to admit every farm animal that the Sanctuary is asked to take in. BSAS receives up to a dozen pleas a week, therefore can only assist animals in immediate danger.
  2. BSAS has a strong partnership with animal shelters across the State, therefore we rescue animals from NC shelters as these animals don’t have guardians and have nowhere to go.
  3. BSAS firmly believes in taking responsibility. You are your pets guardian. Once you brought your pet into your family and home, you made a life-long commitment to caring for this animal for the remainder of its life. In most cases, BSAS is able to fix the problem you think you have and can provide guidance.

Our plea to you – Please take responsibility!

BSAS receives an overwhelming number of pleas, unless your pet is injured or in a serious danger, we can only help you by providing guidance and information. As most organizations, BSAS focuses on animals that are in animal shelters, animals in danger of abuse, neglect or slaughter.

Please explore the possibility of finding a solution to the “problem” you think you have. If you do, that’s one less animal that needs a new home.

  • If you are moving, please consider boarding your farm animal(s) or have your family and friends watch your animal(s) until you are in a position to bring them home. Please check with your future city/town/county or animal control if your new home is zoned for livestock. If its not, please ask your realtor to find you a home that is zoned for farm animals. Many metropolitan areas consider animals such as miniature pigs as domesticated pets and they might be allowed.
  • If your farm animal is exhibiting an unwanted behavior such as aggression or humping, there is a good reason for that. Please check with your veterinarian, your pet might be in pain or is simply unaltered. Unfixed animals don’t make good pets. Your pet needs to be altered by a licensed veterinarian and requires companionship of its own kind. A single herd animal is a lonely animal!
  • If you are rehoming due to your farm animal(s) escaping, we are happy to provide fencing / housing recommendations.
  • If your pet grew bigger than what the breeder promised, please consider moving to a home and land where your pet will have enough space.
  • If you no longer have time for your animal(s), please know that at BSAS we care for over 100 animals and as Sanctuary Directors we also work full time jobs. If we can find time for 100+ animals, we are certain you can find time for your pet.

If none of these suggestions are viable options, or possible solutions, we ask you to consider:

  • If your pet was purchased from a breeder or adopted from a rescue group, contact them immediately, as they should in good conscience take the animal back.
  • If you surrender a farm animal to a shelter, please be aware that shelters are not equipped to house farm animals. Your pet will be housed in a very stressful environment among barking dogs.
  • Please consider emotional trauma you will cause by rehoming your pet(s). Pigs, goats and other animals mourn the loss of their family and home.
  • Please don’t post animals as free to a good home on sites such as craigslist as bad things happen to unwanted animals.
  • Never consider turning your animal loose “out in the country”. This is the cruelest fate any animal could meet. The fear, abuse, and suffering they will encounter is heartbreaking if they even manage to survive at all.

Since we are contacted for help with pigs multiple times a day, please know that we currently have a horrific pet pig overpopulation as too many are breeding, too many are buying and over 95% of all pet pigs become homeless, abandoned and surrendered. Neither shelters, nor sanctuaries can keep up with the flood of unwanted pigs. If the options listed above are not viable solutions, there are some resources for finding your pet pig(s) a new home.


Prior to rehoming your pet pigs, please ensure your pigs are spayed and neutered.  

PAL (Pig Advocates League)

The Society for Advancement of Pet Pigs
(AKA) Pig Placement Network (PPN)
501 c3 Non-Profit Organization
9677 Haas Hill Rd.
Breinigsville, PA 18031

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Mini Pig Info Adoptable Mini Pigs:

North Carolina Farmed Animal Save

North Carolina Mini Pig Owners

Pre Loved Pigs

Mini Pig Owners

If your pet pig has a medical emergency and you cannot afford veterinary care, please contact:

Mo Money for Pigs (501c3 charitable organization, not a rescue)