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The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary provides loving care to neglected and homeless farm animals, placing those who are adoptable in forever homes.

We rescue, rehabilitate and care for animals that once found themselves surrendered, abandoned, and exploited. The size of property and the surrounding state park allows us the unique opportunity to offer a safe haven for farm and domestic animals.

The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary focuses on those animals that often get overlooked due to species, age, color or disability. In addition to saving lives, Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary works hard to educate and spread seeds of compassion and kindness.


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Adoptable Pets

Meet these wonderful animals that need a home. Visit their profile pages and get to know them a bit better.

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Hello! I’m


Sweet as the cookie!

About Oreo
Hello! I’m

Stevie & Sebastian

We're Stevie & Sebastian!

About Stevie & Sebastian
Hello! I’m


I'm a lover, not a fighter

About Wilbur
Hello! I’m


Busiest pig at the Sanctuary

About Hazel
Hello! I’m

Rescued Family – Mommy & Babies

Celine and her 5 kiddos

About Rescued Family – Mommy & Babies
Hello! I’m


Sweet Basil

About Basil
Hello! I’m


Brianne is an incredibly sweet and gentle young pig. Brianne is special needs and will need a home that is willing to love a special needs pig.

About Brianne
Hello! I’m

Gretchen and Family

Gretchen, Gitti, and Erika!

About Gretchen and Family
Hello! I’m


I'm playful, come visit me!

About Jerry
Hello! I’m

Elvis Pigsley

Gotta lotta living to do!

About Elvis Pigsley
Hello! I’m

Piglet Family

Brianne is special needs and would do best in a home that can adopt one or two of her family members

About Piglet Family
Hello! I’m

Ms. Wiggly

They call me Ms Wiggly because I walk with a wiggle!

About Ms. Wiggly
Hello! I’m


Come visit me!

About Tom
Hello! I’m


Dreams really do come true

About Ginger
Hello! I’m


I am so Handsome!

About Luigi
Hello! I’m


I'm the baby girl!

About Lucy
Hello! I’m


I'm a sweetheart

About Stella
Hello! I’m


I get along with everyone, I am Hercules!

About Hercules
Hello! I’m


I'm boss pig of my family!

About Wilbur
Hello! I’m


I'm curious and just the sweetest!

About Teddy
Hello! I’m


People say I'm adorable!

About Pua
Hello! I’m


They call me G-Unit

About Guiseppe
Hello! I’m


I'm the middle child

About Waldo
Hello! I’m


A distinguished gentleman

About Norman
Hello! I’m


Pigs like Betty are very special to us!

About Betty
Hello! I’m


I promise once you get to know me you'll fall in love with me!

About Jeff
Hello! I’m

Daisy, Flower, and Bam

Daisy, Flower, and Bam

About Daisy, Flower, and Bam
Hello! I’m


I LOVE sneaking snout snuggles

About Alma
Hello! I’m


Lovable snuggle bug

About Beau
Hello! I’m


I can be your little bro!

About Leo
Hello! I’m


They call me Penny

About Penelope
Hello! I’m


Why Blue? Well one of my eyes is blue!

About Blue
Hello! I’m


I love treats!

About Trudy
Hello! I’m

Emily and Kira

We both know how to use the drive-through window!

About Emily and Kira
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